Pad Printing shapes

Pad Printing shapes




Almost 2000 distinctive cushion shapes are accessible .Also, exceptional shapes, cushion bunches and mixes, and additionally cushions created for custom applications are a piece of our cushion benefit. On a basic level, the perfect state of cushion can best be resolved by considering the print picture together with the state of the part to be printed. The principle shape gatherings incorporate round, square and rectangular, notwithstanding, all of these fundamental gatherings can be found all through the different sub-gatherings.

The chosen shape decides the way in which the cushion moves amid pressure and straightforwardly impacts the nature of the subsequent print. The OrbiX printing cushions with their imaginative surface geometry are just accessible at Teca-Print. The weight increment amid ink get also, exchange happens uniformly over the cushion surface. The ink exchange and print precision are improved and the coming about print is improved.

The OrbiX printing cushions are accessible in the majority of our cushion families, so you don›t need to forfeit your top pick silicon for the perfect shape. Best Pad printing services

The Golden Rule of cushion choice

The standard underneath ought to be pursued while picking a printing cushion:

Continuously pick the hardest, most pointed and biggest cushion conceivable. The hardness of the cushion prints sharp shapes and guarantees ideal prints on organized surfaces. The more extreme the cushion is, the better the air can get away (i.e. amid ink get and exchange). The biggest cushion volume conceivable limits picture twisting, as bigger cushions distort less.

Cushion base and securing

Both wood and aluminum are utilized as cushion bases. All Teca-Print printing cushions with a wooden base have a M6 string in the center (if size and frame permit). Printing cushions with this cushion base can without much of a stretch be mounted to the relating cushion holder containing a M6 strung stick.

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