The basics of Canada PR

The basics of Canada PR–


Permanent resident Canadian visa is a visa which allows you to be in Canada. Getting this visa is complicated. The candidates need to have the right Express Entry points. These points should be as much as 445.

Without these many points, you can’t get the Canada PR as of now. The Canadian government wants to make people get this visa by fulfilling the comprehensive ranking system point structure. Every candidate who applies for this visa is adjudged on the basis of factors which determine the chances of his success in this country. It’s beneficial to get this visa because you can get all the privileges which are given to the citizens of this country. Apart from that, you also have the right to find jobs in this country, and this visa is like a work permit too. The express entry has right now validated three important categories as per which applicants can be given jobs:

Federal skilled worker: Those who have work experience from outside Canada.

Federal skilled trade: those who have manual work experience

Canadian experience class: those who have work experience in Canada.

All the three categories of candidates have their applications picked out in Express Entry draws. After selection in such draws, a candidate is given an ITA and then he is supposed to put up his documents and his biometrics. This rule of biometrics has been mandatory for all PR applicants. The candidates need to provide the biometrics instruction letter sent to them by IRCC to provide their biometrics at a visa application center. This letter is only needed when the application for the permanent resident Canadian visa has been submitted online.

A lot of changes have been happened in the Express Entry as of now due to the aid of a consultant is important for getting the permanent resident visa Canada. The candidate should know that the French language has extra points for immigration. With the points available to a candidate for knowing French, it becomes easier to get this visa. The candidate is only supposed to provide his language test results after an ITA has been sent to him. If a candidate can fluently converse in this language, he can get 30 points for knowing this language.

After providing documents, the candidate gets his COPR(Confirmation of permanent residence) within a time gap of 6 months because all his documents are cross-checked. The candidate should know that he can change the test results if his test results are going to expire by the time he gets his ITA. The test results of IELTS and the TEF are only usable for two years for an express entry application after getting declared.

The candidate should know once he has put up his expression of interest which is like a pre-screening application for express entry, he must wait for 1 year to get the ITA. During that time, he  can change his test results if he has scored better.

A Canada Express Entry visa is useful for you to live the luxurious life this country has to offer. The candidates can attain so much wealth and prosperity in this country because so many doors of success become open to them.

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