Will produce special medals for the Olympic Games in Tokyo

Will produce special medals for the Olympic Games in Tokyo

The official position of the government is that the correctional home is for the repentance of the convicted and helps to return to the path of justice. However, it is a public secret that prisoners in prison do not always correct themselves. In addition, in some correctional homes, workers are not even able to deal with dangerous prisoners.

The history of Donat Shimon is well illustrated by the imprisonment facility. Kybartai Correction House is currently being convicted of being murdered by a man currently in prison in 2014. In February, Marijampolė’s home supervisor was beaten in a coma. The attacks by D. Simonas did not end – the Kaunas Regional Court admitted last week that the prisoner had threatened an employee of the Kybartai Correctional House to “close” and “help to the place”. m. for a long time he sits behind the bars when he committed a very serious crime – killed a man.

As it turned out, the killer hit another man’s head with a beer mug – the blow was so strong that the misfortune left the world. For this and other crimes, Shimon was sent to prison for many years, but the imprisonment, apparently, did not affect the killer after five years. years ago, the man behind the bars made a serious crime again.

February 5 In Marijampolė Correctional House, D. Shimonis was able to get the drugs he had to look for in freedom. In addition, the inmate who was intoxicated with the “grass” at that time in the control station beat the officer so that he was dropping into a coma. As it turned out, two staff members had to work in the post at that time, but one had left the telephone. Taking advantage of this, D. Shimon struck the victim at least three times, and this was a coma for a long time. The recovered man retained only a small part of his ability to work, he was disabled for the rest of his life.

During the pre-trial investigation, the fellow said that he had been doing sports on that day, but the officer made a note to him and insulted the uncensored words. For that, the killer struck the man in his head, and when the victim fell, he hit two more. 2015 D. Schimon was sentenced to 8 years’ imprisonment, with a total sentence of up to 17 years of imprisonment, but the man later proved that the five years he had missed had to be counted as a punishment.

Shimon, who had been convicted of such a sentence, could have expected a few years ago to be free, at least in 2027, but after the murderer went on his wheels, his way out – the last week, the Kaunas Regional Court found that another sentence had been justifiably pronounced. Rhymes, Simon Shimon do not like the prison officers – 2018 In the morning of May 8th, a prisoner who attended a Disciplinary Board meeting has threatened not to an ordinary officer, but to the Chief of the Security and Care Division of the Kybartai Correctional House.

I’ll close you down and put you in place because I have already helped you and help you,” D. Shimon said to the man. As it turned out, the murderer was summoned to a Disciplinary Board meeting on that day, as he had possibly been disciplined. D. Shimoni’s anger was provoked by the orders of the Chief of Security Department to present himself and hold his hands behind his back – a furious prisoner declared that he would cope with him and left the cabinet without can visit this site for more knowledge mobilieji telefonai.

However, the Kaunas District Court refused such a complaint and upheld the conviction handed down to Mr Schimon. According to the judges, the chief of the Security Division had a real reason to fear Šimonis because he knew his past “feats”.

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